How To Find Real Estate in MD, DC & VA For 50% Off!

Real Estate for .50 cents on the dollar.With the sub prime market being absolutely unpredictable, investors can not depend on their buyers to come through with loans. Try this little technique of acquiring property. It will help you to survive as a Real Estate Investor in Maryland, DC and Virginia.Stop looking online and finding REO (bank-owned) properties to buy. Find an agent and tell them you want to make about 30 offers a month on REOs that have been listed for 180 days or more. Tell the agent to make the offers at 50% of the listing price and make them contingent upon inspection. Each time the bank asks for a counter, send the offer back $5000 less. Of course, all of the offers won’t be accepted, but if you can get two or so accepted out of 30+, you have hit the jackpot. All you need to do is fund the deals using cash, private money, hard money or other sources. Agents are not super-busy right now, so they will jump all over this idea.The reason this technique is going to help you survive as a real estate investor is you don’t have to count on traditional loans that aren’t dependable right now. Just find a hard money lender. They are listed right in the yellow pages. Most will lend on properties that are 70% below market minus repairs. This method leaves enough of a spread to add any repairs right into your loan. Many hard money lenders don’t even care about your credit rating, they decide whether to loan you the money based on the deal. Don’t let the cost of money discourage you from using hard money lenders. The availability of money is more valuable than the cost. Look at your bottom line after the deal is done. Acquiring half priced real estate, will ensure your survival as a Real Estate Investor!