How to Properly Blend Social Media and Attraction Marketing

You see it every day. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc, is growing more and more into a flat out advertisement network. Network Marketers are wisely taking advantage of the lead generating sources these sites can offer. However, there are so many going about it the wrong way and I’m going to tell you why.

The various Social Media sites and groups are full of hot leads! However, there’s already so much “businessy” spam floating around online I can barely stand it. I get hit with it all day long. People would rather ram you with their business propositions before taking the time to provide a value based relationship with new friends.

The immediate profitability will not be abundant. However, with the proper approach you achieve a long term professional image. A person really sets themselves apart and creates the potential for profitable future trust. I call it the 95-5 rule. You must provide 95% value to get 5% advertisement! Yes, you must have something to “give” in order to “get” someone to listen to what you really want them to hear. {Lights coming on?}

If anyone is trying to promote something online it should be “themselves” {self branding}. Every person has a unique skill set that the community can benefit form. See where I’m going with this? It may be a challenge to your thinking at first, but trust me, it’s worth a million bucks or more!

This is the nature of self branding and attraction marketing. The internet has changed the network marketing business world drastically and telling people about your business will only send them searching online for the most profitable person to sign up with. There is far less loyalty when you don’t know someone, Right? Learn more at my blog.