Building an Endless List of Qualified New Prospects With Social Media in 5 Really Simple Steps

Do you think there is any Network Marketer out there, who doesn’t know that Social Media Marketing is a great tool to get leads for their business? I don’t think so, at least the ones that have made the jump to the internet. So why is it, that so many people don’t make a dime in their MLM business? Social media are free tools to work with. There is nothing more “duplicatable”. So why is hardly anybody duplicating?

We read the books on personal development. We read the books on law of attraction. Afterward we feel great for a few days or weeks. We are all powered up, and then….

Then we start all over again, doing what isn’t working. All the information we need is out here, on the web. We just need to take a few easy steps to make it work for us.

Success doesn’t depend upon doing one thing really well for just one moment. Success depends on doing a lot of little things, day after day after day. You need discipline for that. You need to take responsibility over your life.

Here are a few really easy steps to take, which will improve you social media success:

1. Get a free tool or e-book, which you can offer people. This e-book or tool should make the lives of the people you contact, easier.

2. Go to a social web site and search for people already in a Network Marketing business. No need to even try with people who do not know anything about MLM. You want people who are in a business and who are struggling.

3. Connect with a person you think is working in a MLM business and who you think needs help to improve hers or his business.

4. Send this person a personal message or email. You can talk about the person’s profile, or about anything that you might have in common, or just that you would like to get connected. At the end of your message offer the free e-book or tool and make it look like this is something they can really use. Do not give the person your link. Just ask if he or she would like you, to share it with them.

5. Repeat these steps over and over and over again. Try to work on several websites a day, sending about 10 messages to each website.

There will be people who don’t react to your message. There will be people that say: “Hey, tell me more.” The ones that answer back and want to know more about your free stuff will get your link. This is the easy part of making contact with people and starting to build your list.

Once you are in contact with people, build on it. Teach them, train them. Gain their trust. Some will end up the down-line of your primary opportunity, if you just stick to the plan. And the best thing is, because these people are already trained, they can take off straight away, copying your example.

Now, I know this isn’t a “get rich quick” thing. This takes time and effort and a lot of repeating, but it is a proven work schedule.

Ask me for a free tool or e-book to offer your people, if you have nothing.

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The Reason Why Social Media Is NOT The Ultimate Dental Marketing Tool!

If you are looking for the best way to promote your dental practice… then look no further. This short article contains the ultimate secret. For pumping the most money out of your practice.

Not only that…

…but your patients will love you (and your practice) if you do this!

The Ultimate Dental Marketing Promotion!

1. Work Your House List.

Is it just me… or are small business owners (including dental practice owners) completely fascinated with Social Media marketing?

Guess there’s this allure that you Twitter… and Tweet… and blog… and Facebook…

…and somehow mountains of new clients flood your business… begging you for an appointment.

I say – YUCK!

Social Media has its place.

But it’s not before you work your house list. And Social Media should not replace old-school, tried and true strategies.

I must be crazy for saying this – right?

Well, let me ask you a question:

What are you doing to stay in touch and build a relationship with your house list?

Social media… newsletters… postcards… email marketing?

Why not do them all?

Or, if you don’t have the time or desire to “work your house list”… then pay someone else to do it for you.

The truth is… the hidden riches in your dental practice… can be found in the list of patients that have done business with you.

And the more you stay in touch with your house list…

…the more you make your house list feel good about you and your practice…

…the more your dental practice will become like a Las Vegas slot machine!

You see, your #1 goal marketing your dental practice should be looking for ways to stay in the “top of mind” of your patients.

The more times you “touch” your house list… the easier, more fun and more lucrative your practice becomes.

And that’s when the results of your dental marketing shoot through the roof!